Your project is our Business

About Us

Your project is our business.

Spectator Enterprises has been serving the Commonwealth of Virginia and the East Coast for over 20 years. We wish to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction through understanding your needs in a very competitive environment, and then meeting those needs with extremely high degrees of reliability and quality. Superior financial results for the customer is something that is extremely important to us, and we will achieve these results by pursuing total quality and devoting ourselves to leveraging advanced technology for increased productivity. 

The aforementioned goals and desires are espoused by Spectator Enterprises in the form of our number one value: The customer comes first. To us, this means that we must anticipate, understand, and exceed your needs and expectations. A secondary, but equally important, value of Spectator Enterprises has to do with integrity: There's integrity in all that we do. Our actions and decisions reflect the highest ethical, legal, and professional standards. Coupled together, these two values propel us towards our final goal: Total quality.